Busy busy!

30.04.2012 14:59
Category: BLOG

As you're all probably aware, Physician left us to chase his dream job (and best of luck to them) so me and Bones are feeling the heat in the kitchen.

Juggling customer support, testing new content, creating and announcing sales, and the occasional community event, not to mention the planning of future events, of which there are some cool things to come!

A new staff member joined the Customer Support Team and hopefully after their initial training they'll be able to help us cover the pretty little mountain of tickets you guys give us every day.

This will help us get on top of the planned things and give more time for new events, checking droprates of stuff like Pistols, creating new Heroes and looking at creating and selling some new kinds of items!

There's been some complaints about CM's recently and I want to ensure you that I'm talking and listening both to the community and the CM's as to whether the current policy is working, what can be changed, what works well and what doesn't.

Always remember, you can at any time contact us via the Support Center (with screenshot evidence) to complain or support any player, GM and CM.

Now, back to that reply....