Quick-Start Guide

Here you will soon be able to find a brand new quick start guide! 


WAR2 Glory Wiki

On our soon-to-be-launched WAR2 Glory Wiki you'll find all the information you need about WAR2 Glory.

Here you can also create your own FAQs and Guides and share with the WAR2 Glory Community!

Coming soon!


In the FAQ section on the WAR2 Glory Wiki you'll find answeres to frequently asked questions for different topics.

If you have a topic you would like to contribute to you can simply add the FAQ yourself and we'll review it for you.


In the Player Guide Section of the WAR2 Glory Wiki you can read the top rated guides from our very own Commanders. As we hold more Guide Writing Competitions, more and more guides will be added!

Keep your eyes open, the next time we run a Player Guide competition you might see your name in the WAR2 Glory Player Guides Section!