WAR2 Glory is an online-based browser MMO real time strategy game set during World War II.

Sign-Up and start battling in the war-torn battlefields of the Great Conflict today!

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WAR2 Glory 101: Check our Basic Gameplay section for all the essential info on getting your fledgeling Empire started.

Get your city off the ground, train your first troops, scout your first enemy and claim your first victory!

You'll need this info to survive in the exciting, war-torn battlefields of WAR2 Glory, the best Browser MMO real-time strategy game set during World War II. 


Shrewd Commanders will learn all of WAR2: Glory's elements to be successful.

The realistic combat system allows in-depth tactics, whilst maintaining an Empire calls for careful supply management.

Rise up the ranks and promote your Officers, co-ordinate with your Alliance the downfall of your rivals and exploit the full potential of your troops to achieve victory. 


Like every other game, WAR2 Glory has some rules that are necessary so everybody can enjoy their time.

Take some time to read through the game rules for the different sections of game play and communication channels.