Which Internet browser should I use?

We recommend that you use the latest version of Firefox ( ) when you play WAR2 Glory. It may also be necessary to empty your cache before you complete your transaction.
Here is a link which will explain how you can empty your browser cache:

Where can I see my Raffle Ticket No.?

WAR2 Glory generates a unique Order ID everytime a purchase is made. These numbers allow us to permanently keep track of who and what was purchased and so is perfect to double as a Raffle Ticket No.

When you successfully complete a purchase, you will see a Confirmation Page, and will also be sent a Confirmation email. Look for the Order ID, it will be a 7-digit number.

Please keep a copy of your Confirmation Mail or a record of this number to claim your prize should you win. Winning Ticket No.s will be announced on Facebook, the Forum and the Homepage.

What is the Military Item Shop?

The military item shop offers commanders different items which could help them throughout the game. Items have different functions, they can speed-up building construction, update troops’ armor, increase resources, speed-up new technologies research, improve officers’ skills, manage cities more efficiently or speed-up officers’ promotion.

Items offered in the Military Item Shop can be bought with diamonds.

Why should I buy Diamonds?

If you are looking to get ahead in WAR2 Glory, using Diamonds to obtain rare items and boosts is a great way to enhance your gameplay. Why wait hours for something when you can get it instantly? You can view all the different items for sale by clicking the Shop button in game.

What are Diamonds and how can I get some?

There are different ways to find diamonds within the game. Diamonds can be won whilst completing missions, playing the Lucky Draw or capturing your opponents cities!
If you urgently need diamonds, you can acquire some via our online store which is reachable directly from the game.

How can I buy Diamonds?

You can buy Diamonds quite simply by clicking the button “SHOP” in the top of the ingame page.

By buying some Diamonds you not only support your favorite game, you also get access to many possibilities to achieve greatness in WAR2 Glory.

What is the best payment option to acquire diamonds?

Our online store has a large selection of payment methods where you can choose the most convenient one for acquiring diamonds.

Credit/debit card users can use PayPal and numerous payment methods, through Skrill (Former Moneybookers) for instance, Visa, Mastercard etc.

If you do not possess a credit/debit card, you can reload your WAR2 Glory account with diamonds through pre-paid cards and/or via landline or mobile phone. You can find further information about our different payment methods in our FAQ.

For most of the packs purchased on our store you will be granted with a diamond bonus. Nevertheless the diamond bonuses change from one payment method to another and is dependent on the diamond pack selected. The highest bonus is offered by PayPal, credit/debit cards payment and other pre-paid cards.

What are the First-Time-Buyer-Packages?

You never bought diamonds before? Benefit from our First-Time-Buyers-Package and snap-up very interesting bonus!
You can get additional bonus up to 150%.
Visit our online store and select one of our First-Time-Buyer-Package!

What is DAOPAY?

Daopay is a payment provider which offers the purchase of Diamonds with your phone and mobile phone.

The payment is very simple; just call the service number for one or two minutes without giving any personal or financial information and then receive your Diamonds.

Daopay stands for a fast, safe and comfortable way of paying.
Daopay is currently available in the following countries: Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, USA

For further information click here:

What should I do if I don't receive the Diamonds which I purchased via Daopay?

In case you don’t receive your purchased Diamonds on your WAR2 Glory account, don’t hesitate to contact our Support Center and send us the following information:

- Your WAR2 Glory account name and server name on which you play with this account
- The mobile phone number you used to call with country code
- The number you called
- Time and date of your order
- Your Daopay order number (*)
Our billing-support will deal with your issue as soon as possible and will contact you via email.
* To receive your Daopay order number, please contact the Daopay customer-support which you can reach here:

What is PAYPAL?

Through PayPal you can load your game account with Diamonds though various different payment methods: VISA, Master Card, American Express etc.
You can read more about the different deposit methods available for your country when you choose PayPal in the Web Shop.

For additional information click HERE

How to avoid problems when using Paypal?

Do not close our online store tab before being redirected to the WAR2Glory confirmation page. After each transaction PayPal will send you a confirmation email. We highly recommend you keep that email in order to provide transaction details if needed.


Paysafecard is currently available for European countries and in € EURO. Paysafecard is a prepaid card that you can buy in the store or online. Use the PIN-Code to load your game account with Diamonds. The PIN-Code can be used several times until the prepaid amount is spent, you can also use several PIN-codes from different paysafecards and combine them.

For additional information click here:

Payment provider Moneybookers is now called Skrill

Moneybookers is currently changing its name into Skrill which will only effect the name of the payment provider. The payment process, the different payment options, as well as all safety measures will keep their usual high standard. Using this provider and its current name change won’t have any effect on your purchase in our Diamond-Shop.

What is SKRILL?

Skrill was until recently listed as Moneybookers and is now running under the new name, which will be changed in our Diamond-Shop shortly. With Skrill your player account can be charged with Diamonds using various payment options such as VISA, VISA ELECTRON, electronic debit (ELV), Master Card, American Express and Skrill-Moneybookers wallet.

The payment options that are available when using Skrill depend on the country in which you live and how you want to make your payment.

Please select the country in which you currently live in the top-right corner of your Diamond-Shop, you will then be able to see the list of packages available to purchase.

How do I avoid having trouble paying with Skrill?

When you buy Diamonds with Skrill (formerly Moneybookers) wait a few seconds for the confirmation page to fully appear. This is necessary so you can be sure to get your Diamonds.

We should also point out not to use the “Redeem” button, as this causes an error.

What is ZONG?

Zong is a payment provider which allows the purchase of Diamonds with your mobile phone. Zong is a safe payment provider and it is fast and easy to use:

Just log in into our Diamond-Shop where you will find the possibility to enter your mobile phone number. You will then receive a PIN-code via SMS which you will be able to exchange into Diamonds for your WAR2 Glory account.

Zong is currently available in the following countries: Ireland, Germany, Netherlands, Austria, Australia, Canada, Denmark, Greece, The Netherlands, New Zealand, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom and the United States of America.

For additional information click here:

What to do if I don't receive the Diamonds which I purchased by using Zong?

Purchased Diamonds which you bought by using Zong is normally available as soon you have done your order. In some rare cases it can happen that too many payments via Zong are done at the same time. Then it could take up to 4 hours until you would receive the Diamonds on your account.

If you don’t receive your Diamonds on your WAR2 Glory account, please contact our Support Center

Please add following details:
- Your WAR2 Glory account name and the server you play with it on
- The phone number you used to make the call with country code
- Time and date of your order
- Your transaction-ID (*)
Our Billing Support Team will deal with your issue immediately and will contact you via email.
* To receive your Zong transaction-ID please contact the Zong customer service by clicking on this link:

Problem with a Transaction? Contact Us!

If you have questions about the different payment methods or are having a problem with a transaction made;

please don’t hesitate to contact our Customer Support Team