paysafecard Sweepstake

09.05.2012 10:00
Category: EVENTS

Hey Commanders,

WAR2 Glory and paysafecard are working together and have organised an awesome sweepstake competition for you, with prizes for the top 20 entrants!

1st Place: 100€ paysafecard
2nd Place: 75€ paysafecard
3rd Place: 50€paysafecard

Other places will either win a €25 or €10 paysafecard!

How to win:
Throughout the WAR2 Glory map, you'll see special paysafecard NPC cities, which you can Plunder & Seize to find paysafecard coupons!

The players with the greatest number of paysafecard coupons in your inventories, wins!
Here's a little tip: The higher the level of the paysafecard NPC city, the better your chances of finding a coupon!

But my country doesn't have paysafecard?!

No worries, if you win a paysafecard prize, all you need to do to redeem your card is simply switch the Country you're paying from to a Country that supports paysafecard.

Winners will be contacted ingame after the event!

Terms & Conditions:

- Competition is open across all servers, that's 20 winners across all of WAR2 and not per server.
- Event Start: Wednesday, 10:00 am CEST 9th May 2012
- Event End: Wednesday, 08:00am CEST 16th May 2012
- Winners will be contacted in-game via System Mails
- Winners will be verified by us, no player entry is required, just collect as many paysafecard coupons as you can!