Patton's Starter Chests: Get 'em while you can!

18.02.2013 14:12
Category: NEWS

We've got a range of useful speedup itmes on special discount when you get a Builder's Pack or Scientists Pack.

Get a great start and rise up the rankings as your progress is boosted by these giftable starter chests:

Builder's Pack: Get a bunch of Speedups for faster city-progression!
4 x Porter, 4 x Machinist, 2 x Technician, 1 x Asst. Engineer, 1 x Engineer, 1 x Mass Mobilization =
35% discount! 180 Diamonds

Scientist's Pack: Unlock the secrets of Technology and give your troops the advantage on the battlefield!
4 x Sci. Notes, 4 x Sci. Journal, 2 x Sci. Thesis, 1 x Sci. Documents, 1 x Sci. Literature
= 33% Discount! 160 Diamonds