Summer Games 2012 Events

25.07.2012 10:44
Category: EVENTS

Hi Commanders,

The Summer Game 2012 will begin on Friday so in preparation we bring you the our own events!

Events Tiles
Just like the real game we have split the games into 4 coloured sections, Blue, Red, Pink and Purple. In the real games there denote where the events takes place, in W2G these colours make up sets which have to be collected (see in game missions for full details).

Facebook Event
In the real games there is a huge ceremony surrounding the lighting and carrying of the torch. So to honour this tradition we'll be holding our own torch race.

This will take the forum of a points race on Facebook. As usual, the more points you guys score the better prizes we will hand out! head to Facebook now for more details.

We hope you guys enjoy the events and good hunting!

All the best,
The WAR2 Glory Team