Independence Day

04.07.2012 09:21
Category: NEWS


Hello Commanders,

It's Independence Day and so far no aliens have attacked the White House, so Will Smith can rest easy!

To mark this day we have some events missions, an item sale, blitz quizzes and new city skins!

4th July Events
Building Liberty - In this you will be searching for the lost pieces of the Statue of Liberty. If you get them all I hear you can get some exclusive 4th July Gear!

Old Glory - The commanders prized antique flag caught a strong wind and blew away, word is he's offering a powerful trinket to anyone who returns it.

Item Sale
4th of July sale did I hear you shout? Well you're in luck, we have a day long sale. Full details HERE.

Blitz Quiz
We will be holding Blitz Quizzes from 23.59 onwards, please check the Blitz Quiz thread HERE for more details. Prizes up for grabs will include Diamond Chests and Plan of Building.
*Please note any prizes won will be issued the following day.

City Skins
We have 2 new city skins which along with the Lady Liberty skin, will be free for the whole day! So get into the spirit and pimp your city for the day.

We hope you all have a great 4th of July!

All the best,
The WAR2 Glory Team