New Server: Sherman

19.02.2014 NEWS

New Server Sherman is live today! Named after the WW2 era American battle tanks. Officially the Medium Tank, M4...[more]

Thanksgiving 2013

27.11.2013 NEWS

It's that time of year again commanders, get the family around the table, lots of food and drink, fully automatic weapons.. ok maybe not that last one, but it's Thanksgiving! Therefore we would like to present the WAR2 Glory 2013...[more]

New Server: Midway

26.11.2013 NEWS

WAR2 Glory today launches the all new server Midway, named after the decisive battle for the Midway atoll, where the United States Navy defeated the Imperial Japanese Navy in June 1942, inflicting irreparable damage to the...[more]

Event - Ghost City (9.11.2013)

08.11.2013 EVENTS

Find the mysterious Ghost City and win some great pr[more]

Last chance! Epic Equipment On Sale

25.10.2013 NEWS

Only for a short time available![more]