General Game Rules

The General Game rules (hereinafter “Game Rules”) are an appendix to the General Terms and Conditions. The General terms and conditions should be consulted, if access is suspended, or to determine what is permitted and what is prohibited.  
Circumventing the Game Rules will be considered as a violation and will be penalised accordingly. The Game Rules apply to players likewise, that intend to delete their account or are already in the process of deleting their accounts.

Art. 1 Account
Art.1.1. Each player may only have one account and play per server.
Art.1.2. Account owner is the individual whose e-mail address is registered in the account.
Art.1.3. Transferring the password is a violation of the Game Rules and will be penalised.
Art.1.4. The account owner is responsible for all activities in the account.
Art.1.5. Players connected (even temporarily) under the same internet connection (IP address) are not allowed to have any kind of interaction (common alliance, co-operation of any kind, battles against each other).

Art. 2 Netiquette
Art.2.1. The sale of units, raw materials, game campaigns or accounts is prohibited. This applies equally to time invested and/or gift accounts that are auctioned.
Art.2.2. Insults, humiliation or other questionable statements about other players in any form or at any place shall not be tolerated and will be penalised.
Art.2.3. Creating IGMs (In-Game Messages) or account profiles in any other languages other than English is not permitted.
Art.2.4. Blackmailing is prohibited. Negotiations initiated by a defeated player with the objective of arriving at an agreement in the conflict are not affected by this clause.
Art.2.5. Advertisement of any kind, spam & chain letters are not permitted.
Art.2.6. Publishing battle reports or outside links of any kind in the game or WAR2 Glory Forum is not permitted. This applies equally to publishing in game messages & and e-mails.
Art.2.7. It is prohibited to force or request a player to delete or surrender an account, play on a multi player account, reveal a password or to violate the rules.
Art.2.8. Exploiting defects in a game is prohibited and will be penalised as will the use of scripts, bots or similar items. The game may only be played using a conventional browser that has not be modified for WAR2 Glory. Graphic packs constitute an exception.
Art.2.9. Imitating official institutions in WAR2 Glory, as well the use of morally or politically incorrect names including Nazi related names is prohibited and will result in immediate deletion.

Art. 3 Administration
Art.3.1. Game masters will determine the penalty for rule violations. Under no circumstances will raw materials, buildings, villages or units lost during suspension be replaced. The player is not entitled to a reimbursement or replacement of time lost on a WAR2 Glory account during suspension.
Art.3.2. Game masters are the only contact persons regarding rule violations on the server. Players may present their case to the game masters using a ticket system. Players may submit sufficient grounds for questioning the decision made by the game masters to the support via support[at]
Art.3.3. The WAR2 Glory team reserves the right to modify the Game Rules at any time.
Art.3.4. If any article of the Game Rules is found to be invalid, this shall only have effect on the individual article and not on the entire document. Invalid articles will be adapted as soon as possible. A preliminary version of the modified article may be applied in suspension cases even if the final version has not been published yet.

For any problems in the game; support can be reached via the support[at]