WAR2 Glory has 40+ individual units, 18 buildings and 21 Technologies!

Get to grips with what they do and how to use them in this section.

Want to find out the specifics, stats and raw-numbers for your favourite troops and buildings; just click HERE.


Enter combat prepared by Scouting your enemies! Make sure you know how to fight! Officers lead your armies and defend your Cities, they're abilities are very important, find out how to tell the General from the Private!

All these points and more are covered in this section.
We will take you through the basic actions of Scouting, Plundering and Seizing players and NPC's within the game world!


Divided we fall, United We Stand! Join an Alliance for mutual-protection, co-ordinate devastating attacks against your enemies and take part in the PvP-only Alliance Campaign.
Express yourself! Chat to the World, scheme with your Alliance or whisper in Private.
Short on Oil? Troops eating through your food reserves? Check the Trade Center for deals on resources!


WAR2 Glory gifts each player Daily Diamonds, which can be used to buy helpful objects from the Military Item Store.
Speed up development, become more powerful, protect yourself from attacks and much more!
Diamonds are also rewarded in some Missions and can be bought from the Diamond Shop!