Officer Equipment

Officer's can wear equipment to increase their abilities even further. Your Officer can wear equipment in various slots, even collecting an entire suit!

There are many pieces of equipment to find in WAR2 Glory and really good equipment can be exchanged for Honour in the Store.

There are 9 Equipment slots available but of course, different equipment can only be worn when you reach certain levels.

Officer Skills

All Officers are capable of learning skills which will give them clear advantages on the Battlefield. An officer can learn upto 3 skills and may replace them with another that suits their play-style with the use of Skill Manuals.

Any Skills may be gleaned from a General's Battle Manual

The best skills can be learnt from an Elite Officer Manual
Using one gives you a 100% chance of learning 1 of 3 skills:
 - Vanguard Assault
 - Counter Attack
 - Arc Defense

Control the skies with skills also learnt from Air Battle Manuals
 - Finger Four Formation
 - Espionage
 - Sudden Strike

Hunt the Sea's with Naval skills, learnt from Naval Battle Manuals
 - Wolf Pack
 - Island Hopping
 - Engineering Master

Dominate continents with Army skills, learnt from Land Battle Manuals
 - Gun Control
 - Barrage Fire
 - Tank Assault